Our Katy, TX mobile car repair, auto care and mechanic service is locally owned and operated by Houston native, Hueathen Gardner, who has extremely diverse work experience.  With a core background in engineering, he has work experience that ranges from performing risk assessments to personal training, to manufacturing, to automation and more.  At the end of the day he enjoys helping others, teaching whenever the opportunity arises, and obviously having fun while doing it!  These values are instilled in our Katy, TX mobile car repair, auto care and mechanic service shop, and on every service call.


Not to be confused with Clifford the Big Red Dog, Tankdawg has a dingy red mane that has not been groomed in years.  Nonetheless, he remains as reliable as ever with over 25 years of service and a tireless work ethic that supplements our founder.  With rear-wheel drive and total mileage unconfirmed, his value to us is priceless!  Be sure to be on the lookout for him when we pull up to service your vehicle and wave by when he barks at you when we leave.

Thank you for your interest in Mobile Quick Auto Care where we have all the confidence to know that you will be completely satisfied with our Katy, TX car repair, auto care and mechanic service shop. We will treat you and your vehicle like family!